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éstos son algunos de los comentarios que hemos recibido de nuestros clientes anteriores durante este a?o y el pasado. Le deseamos también un viaje de placer con nosotros como el de ellos.
El servicio al cliente, tanto antes de la llegada como después, los viajes de nuestros clientes son primordial para nosotros.
Le damos una calurosa bienvenida a compartir con nosotros su experiencia turística y quien esté interesado en viajar a China. Por favor, envíe su experiencia de viaje de China a o, a la dirección de correo electrónico de la consultora de viajes, que le ayudó a darse cuenta de su viaje de sueño a China.Estaríamos más que felices de recibir sus fotos tomadas durante su viaje y nos complacería publicarlas con su permiso.
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Nos especializamos en crear viajes personalizados con un personal de expertos esperándole para planear la perfecta vacación. Diseñe su viaje privado al Tíbet con nuestra ayuda para satisfacer su interés único sin ningún cargo.

Danoe is one of the best guides I ever had in the time I travelled around the world for his excellent guide, euthusiasm and passion to service delivery. He was beyond expection for caring about our health and interest. He has shown a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm.
The driver Norbu was very cooperative and professional. The road condition was quite bad but that was for him to show his excellent skill.
We have known and gained a lot through the trip. Tibet people, culture, history...

Titulo del viaje: Trekking at Kailash with Guge (North Route)
Client: Josef, Germany
La feche de partida del viaje: September 14, 2009
La ruta del viaje: 22 days Lhasa – Yamdrok – Gyantse – Shigatse – Sakya – Lhatse – 22 Daoban – Tsochen – Gertse – Gakyi – Shiquanhe – Tsada – Darchen – Trekking at Kailash – Manasarovar – Payang – Saga – Paiku Tso – Old Tingri – Rongbuk – Everest BC – Rongbuk – Zhangmu


The guide:
Detom has a very friendly and open-minded attitude towards clients and her knowledge about Tibet custom and traditions as well as Buddhist Geography and the monasteries and sights on the way is just fantastic. She never got tired giving answers to the many different (and sometimes may be even a little strange) questions a foreigner has when he is travelling to this country. She not only finished all the items of sightseeing but, moreover, was suggesting to make a stop in Garden on the way to Lhasa (which was not part of the program) when she realized that I was interested in seeing that place. At the same time she made it possible for me to see and experience a little more about the temple and monasteries in the Lhasa area which was beyond a standard program. She was always punctual, taking care about safety and personal belongings and she was experienced in all matters which concern a trip like this one. All in all, she has been a great guide giving me wonderful impression about this trip.

The driver:
Although I cannot talk personally to the driver, Laba  has been a very friendly person, too. His job has been a difficult one, and he did it very well, too. He was always driving carefully, avoiding any risky situations on the road and showed his experience in driving especially at places where there were road works and traffic jams. There has always been harmony between the driver and the guide and Laba also has been punctual all the time.

Food and beverage:
Always very clean and tasty, in Lhasa as well as in the countryside.

A big Landcruiser , with more space than necessary, and no problem with the car on the road.

Of a much higher standard than I expected.

Titulo del viaje: Overland Tour Yunnan - Tibet
Client: Roger, Germany
La feche de partida del viaje: July 13, 2009
La ruta del viaje: 13 days Shangri-La – Dechen – Meili Xueshan – Markam – Zuogong – Bangda – Baxoi – Ranwu – Bome – Linzhi – Basum Tso – Lhasa – Tibetbahn – Beijing – Train Ride to Irkutsk

A wonderful (Tibet) tour. A perfect team! I can really recommend this tour, the guide and the driver!!

Titulo del viaje: Trekking at Kailash with Everest BC
Client: Siegfried, Germany
La feche de partida del viaje: May 21, 2009
La ruta del viaje: 16 days Beijing – Xining – Train ride to Lhasa – Shigatse – Lhatse – Shegar – Rongbuk – Everest BC – Rongbuk – Old Tingri – Paiku Tso – Saga – Paryang – Manasarovar – Darchen – Kailash Trekking – Paryang – Saga – Shigatse – Lhasa – Chengdu – Beijing

Many thanks for the very well organize trip to Tibet.
The all trip was excellent.
Thubten our guide very helpful and genteel and the drivers also.
You have done excellent choice as about your staff. 
We were very lucky as about the prohibition for the celebration. 
Many thanks from my  friends.
I hope to cooperate in the future for  my trip to the rest country.

Titulo del viaje: Overland Tour Tibet - Nepal with Everest BC
Client: Mina, Greece
La feche de partida del viaje: September 22, 2009
La ruta del viaje: 12 days, Tsetang - Lhasa - Yamdrok - Gyantse - Shalu - Shigatse - Sakya - Shegar - Everest BC - Shegar - Zhangmu

A few days ago we returned from our trip to China.
We herewith would like to express our feelings of satisfaction with the arrangements you made for this trip: nice hotels, busses always on time, skillful drivers, guides waiting at the airports for us, good local guides and Yang Ying as "the Cherry on top of the cake".
We really had a wonderful vacation in your country with so many different aspects.  Hopefully we may be able to again make use of your services in the future.
Thank you again.

Titulo del viaje: China Highlight with Southwestern China Chengdu, Guilin and Guizhou
Client: Paul and Regina, Belgium
La feche de partida del viaje: August 9, 2009
La ruta del viaje: 19 days Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Longji - Sanjiang - Zhaoxing - Rongjiang - Kaili - Guiyang - Anshun - Guiyang - Chengdu

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